Patrick Welter


I’ve lived in seven states, but something about Pennsylvania keeps bringing me back. I was born in Pittsburgh, but between my Dad’s career and my own I’ve lived all over; Pennsylvania, Florida, Indiana, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island to be specific.

I did my undergrad at Providence College where I met my wife and wanted to be a movie director. I’ve made some short films and still love movies, but after school I decided maybe I shouldn’t let that whole childhood of playing and watching sports go to waste.

I got my broadcast degree at Emerson College and have been covering sports professionally ever since. My first job was as a video reporter for the Tampa Tribune where I covered the Buccaneers. My second job was in Johnstown, Pennsylvania as a sports anchor for WJAC.

Now, I’m here in Harrisburg, trying to put those experiences together to tell the best sports stories I can.

I’m an avid fantasy football player, movie watcher, and always know the point spread. Stop me anytime; I’d be happy to talk about all three. But more importantly, if there’s a local story you’d like me to tell, feel free to contact me.

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