Patrick’s Fall Reminders

Being a veteran of experiencing the season of fall, Patrick has compiled a list of reminders to help folks adjust to the changing season. Yo…


GDPA Olympics & Take Back Your Weekend

In honor of the Summer Olympics, Patrick and Amy are facing off in a relay of challenges that takes them through the whole studio! You’ll ha…


Take Back Your Weekend! June 24-26

We’re joined again by our favorite resident funny man, Patrick Andrews, for this week’s Take Back Your Weekend segment. Check out the Island…


Take Back Your Weekend: April 8-10

This weekend, check out the re-done Harris-Cameron Mansion as it opens its doors in celebration for its 250th anniversary and beer tasting e…


Take Back Your Weekend: March 25-27

Patrick Andrews joins us with some more ways to spend the weekend leading up to Easter. He’s even got his own theme music this time around! …


Take Back Your Weekend: March 11-13

Patrick’s got the latest on this weekend with everything from extreme bagpipers to Johnny Cash tributes—you’ll just have to watch and see fo…


Take Back Your Weekend! March 4-6

Patrick Andrews will once again let you know what the buzz is this weekend across the mid-state, however, in honor of Dr. Suess’ recent birt…


Take Back Your Weekend! February 19-21

Patrick Andrews has returned with the latest scoop on what’s hot this weekend. But before that, he and Amy will go over some of their grocer…


Take Back Your Weekend: January 22-24

With a snowstorm on the way, Patrick gets a little creative with fun, snow-based activities for the whole family. We’ll also get a quick loo…


Take Back Your Weekend: Jan 1-3

Patrick Andrews joins us again with some advice to take advantage of that hard-earned weekend. He’s also got some bonus translations for com…

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