The art of deer calling

Deer calls, there are so many different deer calls on the market – bleats, grunts, snorts, rattles – how do you know what to use and when?

Fishing with live bait

If you’re taking the kids fishing for Bluegills or stocking up for the first day of trout then you must have worms!

How to get in shape for hunting season

As hunters, we take such good care of all of our equipment, everything except the one most important thing we neglect the most, that’s ourse…

Shallow Water Fishing

Surely you’ve noticed the low water levels of our local waterways. The Susquehanna in particular which depends on water from smaller streams…

Outdoors: Ticks and Lyme Disease

Within the next month or so, with fall hunting seasons approaching quickly, we’ll be spending more and more time afield, and the more likely…

Kayak Mania

Everywhere you go it’s kayaks. No matter if it’s on the bed of a pickup, roof racks, specially built trailers, kayaks are everywhere.

Hunting and the State Economy

Have you ever considered what it would cost to go hunting? Sure, we don’t get a new gun or a new bow every year, but when you throw in licen…

Wildwood Lake Summer Fun

School is almost out; it’s time for summer fun. If you are looking for great outdoor fun for the whole family, head over here to Wildwood La…

Susquehanna Watershed Education Program

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is busy this spring guiding local students through a series of hands-on programs to e…

Hiking Day Pack: Must have items

f you are hiking the Appalachian Trail, carrying along something that is not strictly essential can get heavy after 2000 miles or so.

Fly Fishing Tune-Up

Early season trout are now feeding heavily on sulphurs, mayflies, and caddis. It’s definitely time to break out the fly rod and hit the fame…

Lee Snyder: Monster Fishing

Most of us are happy when we catch a fish. Some anglers only target what they like to call “trophy fish”.