Curl a dog screen grab

Worth It or Waste: Curl-A-Dog™

Curl-A-Dog™ claims to create gourmet tasting hot dogs every time through flavor pockets that hold condiments for maximum flavor and curly ed…

Here is the famous Egg-Tastic

Worth it or Waste: Egg-Tastic

Today’s Worth it or Waste worked Eggcellent! The egg was cracked and whisked in the Egg-Tastic, popped in the microwave for 55 seconds and o…


Worth it or Waste: Balloon Bonanza

We had a lot of fun with today’s Worth it or Waste by having a water balloon fight! For more Worth it or Waste segments click here: Worth it…


Worth it or Waste: Juggle Bubble

Watch to see if the juggle bubble really was a worth it, or waste! (Make sure to watch until end of tease at the end!)