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Bamboozled: 5 barrels of stolen bourbon found in backyard

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — Another iconic bourbon brand in Kentucky has been targeted in a heist, but this time authorities say they have arrested a suspect caught with the stash of pricey whiskey in his backyard.

Franklin County sheriff’s deputies responding to a tip recovered five barrels — each filled with bourbon — that were taken from the Wild Turkey Distillery at nearby Lawrenceburg, Sheriff Pat Melton said Thursday.

One arrest has been made so far as authorities continue to look into the pilfering of the popular whiskey that was still aging, the sheriff said.

“This investigation is going in several different directions,” Melton said in an interview. “We’re following up on our leads as we speak.”

Each barrel is believed to carry a value of $3,700 to $6,000, but Wild Turkey officials took samples to determine the exact worth, the sheriff said. Labeling on each barrel had been spray-painted over, he said.

Bourbon coming off the still is put in new, charred oak barrels for aging in warehouses, an age-old process that gives the whiskey its distinctive taste and color.


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