Expo promotes benefits of green construction

CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) — Builders and vendors from across central Pennsylvania gathered in Carlisle on Wednesday for GreenCon 2018.

The event presented by the central Pennsylvania chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council was held on the campus of Dickinson College and promoted environmentally-friendly building practices.

“The U.S. Green Building Council promotes the design, construction, and operation of energy efficient buildings that make environmental impacts and improve the health and productivity of the occupants,” said Heidi Kunka, a USGBC spokesperson. “Energy efficiency makes sense.”

Along with an expo hall featuring about 20 product and service vendors, registered visitors heard from guest speakers within the sustainability industry.

Kunka says incorporating eco-friendly materials into building designs is no longer considered a trend.

“It is a necessity,” she said. “Global climate change is real. It’s happening, whether or not you believe it is manmade or not.”

Vendors included Carlisle Construction Materials, which was demonstrating the benefits of a green roof system. The systems, popular in Europe, are becoming more common in new construction domestically as more municipalities across the country impose stormwater runoff fees on property owners.

There are smaller things that small business and homeowners can do to benefit the environment, according to Kunka.

“Instead of wall-to-wall carpet, when you use carpet tiles, you only need to rip up the carpet tiles that really have the wear and tear on them,” said Kunka.

Building projects can be certified under a set of widely used standards known as LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED provides a framework to create healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green buildings.

In some cases, those who implement green building practices can enjoy tax incentives. For more information on green building practices, visit the U.S. Green Building Council’s website.

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