Opposing rallies in Carlisle weigh in on gun control debate

CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) — Opposing rallies in Carlisle weighed in on the national debate about gun control Sunday afternoon.

Hundreds packed the Old Courthouse steps for a “Cease Fire” rally promoting gun control. Carlisle High School students put on the event in response to the Stoneman Douglas shooting.

“I pray that it’s not the last time that I’m going to see them because I worry about school safety every morning when I say goodbye to them, and I’m not surprised that this generation is stepping up and taking action, organizing rallies like this, because this is how we’ve been raising this generation,” said Jeanine Fisher, a parent at the gun control rally.

“I also want everyone to leave here today with a realization that we need to dialogue with both sides of the argument to make any change happen,” said Michael Smith, a student who organized the gun control rally.

The other side of this argument was on the other side of the Courthouse Square.

“I’m sick and tired of the assault on guns by liberals,” said Dave Delp, who is from Mechanicsburg. “It is a disgrace.”

Delp organized the opposing rally to support the Second Amendment and the NRA.

“These people need to read the United States Constitution,” said Delp. “I’m here with joy in my heart because I know we’re on the winning side.”

Some people visited Carlisle to listen to both messages and to look for middle ground.

“I get what they’re standing for,” said Henry Choate, who spoke with people in both groups. “I get what these guys are standing for.”

Carlisle High School is one of many schools around the country organizing a walkout to protest gun violence this Wednesday, which is one month after the shooting in Parkland.

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