A look at the “tiny house” community coming to Lancaster County

LEOLA, Pa. (WHTM) –  A national trend has made its way to the Midstate: a “tiny house” community is opening in Lancaster County.

Tiny Estates is scheduled to launch in Elizabethtown in April.

Liberation Tiny Homes is hard at work. The company is building for the Tiny Estates development.

“The farm house style has definitely been our bread and butter here,” said Marcus Stoltzfus, who works at Liberation Tiny Homes.

The community will include both miniature-sized permanent homes and rent-able vacation getaways, which Stoltzfus says are built differently.

“You wouldn’t have that full-size fridge here if you were going to live in this full-time,” said Stoltzfus. “You really want to maximize that space.”

Stoltzfus says Liberation Tiny Homes uses the same materials found in full-sized homes, to make each space feel comfortable. One house takes about five weeks to build.

A big factor in construction is transportation.

“You’ve got to find that space between what’s legal to drive on the road and also what’s legal in that township, to actually live in it,” said Stoltzfus. “So we’ll build them at 8 and a half wide, generally, anywhere from 12 feet up to 32 feet long….Under 26,000 pounds, you can legally drive this with a pickup truck.”

Tiny Estates planners want to add rock climbing and a wedding venue to the community, creating a destination Stoltzfus believes is perfect for the Midstate.

“It’s so fitting, because Lancaster has so many things going for them right now, and this will kind of add to the flare,” said Stoltzfus.

Planners say they hope to add 100 houses over the next couple of years, which would make the community one of the largest tiny house resorts in the country.

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