ATMs back online after BB&T outage

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WHTM) – BB&T says its ATMs and automated phone service have been restored after an equipment malfunction at one of its data centers.

The services were unavailable Thursday night and Friday morning.

The outage also affected BB&T’s online banking and its mobile banking app. The company said those systems are currently being restored.

“Please be aware some of the info you will see in your accounts has not yet been fully updated from yesterday,” the company said in a tweet around 1 p.m. “We expect balances and transactions to become current later today.”

BB&T said it has no reason to believe the outage is related to cybersecurity.

It said debit, credit and prepaid cards were not affected.

BB&T said it will waive or reimburse fees directly related to the outage.

“To further assist clients in our financial centers, we’re extending hours for most of our locations until 7 p.m. local time today to help you with any questions or challenges or concerns,” the company said on its website. “Our financial centers that are normally open on Saturdays will also stay open two additional hours to assist you.”

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