CV school leaders mull land buy to support growing population

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Cumberland Valley School District leaders want to purchase more land to help support the schools growing population.

Within the last five years, the district has welcomed 1,400 new students.

“Hampden Township and moving westward across the district is filling and filling rapidly,” superintendent Dr. Frederick Withum said.

District leaders are looking to buy a 116-acre lot off Old Willow Mill Road in Silver Spring Township for $500,000. The building and facilities will cost additional money.

They are in the process of securing money for the land in bonds.

Withum said there won’t be another new building for a few years because the district is already constructing new middle and elementary schools.

Cumberland Valley isn’t the only school district dealing with an increase in population. Enrollment at Mechanicsburg Area School District has grown by eight percent. Renovations are underway at Elmwood Elementary. The district is also renovating and expanding its Kindergarten Academy. The school board plans to review bids from contractors later this month.


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