IRS, law enforcement warn of new tax scam

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – Law enforcement and the IRS are warning of a new tax scam that involves the refund already in your bank account.

The scammers claim the refund was too much, and some of it must be returned.

“When someone gets a call from the IRS and when it’s a scammer, it’s hard to tell the difference,” said Brett Hambright, a spokesman for the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office.

Hambright said the scam is alarming because it appears the criminals already have access to bank records.

“It’s apparently worked,” he said.

The IRS says it’s happening because the scammers are hacking into the computers of tax preparers.

Hambright said people who suspect they’ve been targeted should call the IRS.

“The scammer can be very deceptive,” he said. “They can be very powerful in their presentation. They’ll give you an IRS number. The caller ID says IRS and I think that has the effect of instant alarm.”

Hambright said he wasn’t aware of any instances of the scam happening in the Midstate.

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