Couples forge steel for Valentine’s Day date night

PALMYRA, Pa. (WHTM) — It appears that romance burns at 1,700 degrees.

Six Midstate couples spent their Valentine’s Day on a date night at The Drunken Smithy, learning how to forge horseshoes into the shape of a heart.

“We’re bladesmiths. We make swords, but on weekends, we teach classes,” said Greg Ramsey, co-owner of The Drunken Smithy. “We have forging classes. This one was for a special occasion, and we thought couples would enjoy working together over the anvil.”

Ramsey and Burt Jones, his friend and business partner, left their previous jobs in education about three years ago to pursue full-time careers making and selling custom swords, knives, axes and other weapons. Business took off after the pair secured a large forging space in the basement of an old industrial building in Palmyra.

“As interest goes, blacksmithing and bladesmithing are really taking off,” Ramsey said. “People see it on television or at the Renaissance Faire and want to learn how to do it. All you need is a heat source, an anvil, tongs, your steel, and a hammer.”

Learn more about forging workshops at the Drunken Smithy’s website.

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