Redistricting battle looms at state Capitol after governor rejects GOP map

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf has rejected the Republicans newly redrawn congressional map for Pennsylvania, saying the boundaries are still too partisan.

Wolf sent a letter to Republican leaders on Tuesday, stating the map “does not meet the demands of the people of Pennsylvania, the [Supreme] Court’s orders and majority opinion, or the Pennsylvania Constitution.”

Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman says unless the state Supreme Court grants an extension, a new map will not be able to be agreed to by the Thursday deadline.

“There’s not any standard in what the Pennsylvania Supreme Court said, or anywhere in the federal government, any court ever, that says competitiveness is a standard,” Corman said.

In a response to the governor’s letter, Republican leaders countered with a letter which states, in part, “quit being coy. It’s time for the governor to produce a map and we will put it up for a vote.”

Wolf spokesman J.J. Abbott said the governor does not have a map ready to submit. It’s unknown if the governor will submit a map if he doesn’t receive a new one by Thursday. Democratic Leader Rep. Frank Dermody says Democrats should be included in the redrawing process.

“We’d like to sit down and, if we can, get a compromise map,” Dermody said. “I doubt that’s going to happen, but House Democrats will continue to work with whoever will work with us.”

Corman says they will be meeting with Wolf again, and the governor is hopeful the General Assembly can submit a new map to him.

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