Mayor: York man’s killer was ‘shooting at a baby’

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – Mayor Michael Helfrich says the city’s latest homicide victim was holding a 1-year-old child when he was shot and killed Monday night.

Matthew A. Bell, 32, was killed inside his home in the 200 block of South Penn Street. A 17-year-old was injured and taken to a hospital where he was in stable condition.

In a video posted to social media, Helfrich says the shooters fired blindly into the home.

“Whoever was shooting was shooting at a baby, shooting into a house just completely blindly, at a baby,” Helfrich he said in the video. “It’s one thing to be involved in violence, gang violence, something like that, but when you’re just randomly shooting up places, my God, you’re going straight to hell.”

The mayor apologized for his anger, saying he has a 2-year-old daughter of his own and the circumstances of the shooting were “a little too much” for him.

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