Some stores saying no more holiday returns

With the holiday season over, many of us are returning unwanted gifts.

But one woman was just denied her returns, because the Walmart near her said they are no longer taking back holiday items, despite a 90-day return policy on most items. So what gives?

Had receipts, but returns denied

Anna Isgro always saves receipts. So when it came time to return some unwanted holiday gifts, She grabbed a receipt and headed for her Walmart.

“I had a pair of reindeer slippers for my brother in law,” she said. “And from my sister, I got a Tuscan lotion box set, and they were seasonal items.”

Since she didn’t want either of them, she figured with the receipt she would have no problem getting cash back or a store credit.

But she was stunned when she got to the return line.

“They said not they can’t take it back, because they are seasonal items, and they have a store policy that it’s up to the manager if they want to take the return or not.”

Isgro says even though it was within 90 days, she learned holiday items were exempted from the 90-day window at that store.

“The lady said to put this back on the shelf they would have to mark it down to 90 cents and they wouldn’t get their money back. So she wouldn’t take my return,” she said.

Tries a different Walmart

Isgro says she was taught long ago to never accept no for an answer the first time around. So the next time she was out she stopped by a different local Walmart. She says the second store happily accepted her holiday returns.

So what is the store policy? Walmart’s website does not address holiday-themed returns.

Store managers would not comment, but a Walmart corporate spokeswoman told us stores should accept seasonal item returns, though only at the lowest clearance price.

Consumer Reports’ website Consumerist, however, has reported several times in recent years that Walmart return policies often vary by store.

It cites cases where seasonal items, holiday decor, and even book returns have been denied by overzealous store managers.

What you can do if denied

To protect yourself, Consumer Reports suggests calling Walmart’s customer hotline if you are ever denied a return within the normal return window.

Or do what Anna Isgro did, and try another store, which worked.

“They did not say anywhere in the store that seasonal items cannot be returned.”

So she persevered and was able to get a refund for the reindeer slippers no one wanted. That way you don’t waste your money.


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