State GOP endorses candidates tied to President Trump

HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) – Pennsylvania’s Republican leaders are endorsing candidates closely tied to President Donald Trump. The state GOP endorsed Senate candidate Lou Barletta and gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner Saturday. 

Hershey Lodge was packed for the party’s annual winter meeting.

“I’m talking about change that comes from responsible management and accountability,” said Sen. Scott Wagner. “I’m talking about change that comes from zero-based budgeting…Together, we are going to defeat Tom Wolf in November. ”

Wagner is a state senator from York who founded Penn Waste.

His running mate Jeff Bartos from Montgomery County also received the GOP’s support.

“Let’s call ourselves underdogs, and let’s show Pennsylvania…let’s show the nation what we can do,” said Bartos.

House Speaker Mike Turzai announced he’s not moving forward with his gubernatorial campaign.

“This campaign may be being suspended, but the mission’s not being suspended,” said Turzai. “The mission is not being suspended at all. We’ve got to hold the line on the taxes and the spending. We’ve got to be fiscal stewards.”

Meanwhile in the Senate race, Barletta says he believes in term limits, and that he wants to unseat incumbent Democrat Bob Casey.

President Donald Trump has spoken highly of Barletta, who is a fourth-term Congressman from Hazelton.

“President Trump spoke for America, and you had his back,” said Barletta. “We cannot stop fighting. Our president and our party need help with the United States Senate.”

Gubernatorial candidates endorsed by the Republican party haven’t lost the state’s primary in 40 years. Senate candidates who have been endorsed haven’t had that same stretch of success.

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