Tim Tebow Night to Shine prom celebrates people with special needs

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The red carpet was rolled out in Mechanicsburg for the Tim Tebow Night to Shine prom.

It’s an event to celebrate people with special needs.

Hundreds of people from across Pennsylvania dressed up for Friday’s dance.

“Every guest has a buddy, and the whole purpose of tonight is for them to just come be royalty and be kings and queens on the red carpet and just be honored,” said Kristin Hamilton, who helped organize the event.

The Tim Tebow Foundation says that Vibrant: A Christian Church is one of more than 500 churches around the world hosting a Night to Shine prom.

“This night is so exciting,” said Brenda Erdman, whose daughter Amber went to the dance. “Amber has never been to a prom ever before in her life. We went out and bought her a dress. She likes to dance. She likes music.”

There was food, a photo booth, balloons, and a ton of bright smiles.

“It’s great to see old friends and new ones again this year,” said Eugene Ferreira, who is from Carlisle.

Ferreira says this prom is a place he feels welcome.

“You get to meet people with other disabilities,” Ferreira said.

Organizers say about 90,000 guests are being honored at Tim Tebow Night to Shine events across the globe.

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