A Basketball Life: Sunshine McCrae

Trinity’s Sunshine McCrae is one of the best basketball players in the Mid Penn.  This season she transferred from East Penn and has made an impact on and off the court.

Sophomore guard Alana Boyer describes her as “very loud,” Boyer laughs.  “Very energetic she’s like super energetic.”

Hang around the Trinity team long and you’ll see what Boyer is talking about.  You also can’t miss her impact on the court, but what you might not see is a name written on her shoe.

“Her name is Kaliah Dearing,” Sunshine says.   “We pretty much started… I think it was third grade actually hanging out.”

On Sunshine’s basketball shoes you’ll see the name Kaliah followed by a heart.  The two were close friends growing up.  On Sunshine’s other shoe you’ll find a date.  11/9/17.  That day tells a different story.

Sunshine remembers “So my mom called and said I have to tell you something and I was like okay you’re scaring me like something is wrong.”

Something was very wrong.  Sisters Kaliah Dearing and Natasha Harner were murdered in their Harrisburg home.  The defendant Jeremiah D. Battle was charged with 2 counts of premeditated murder and is awaiting formal arraignment March 29th 2018.

“Immediately I was in shock and I just started crying,” Sunshine says.   “I broke down and my grandma was like are you okay and I was like no I’m not okay.”

The loss hit Sunshine hard.  Opening up to teammates helped.  So did her mom.

“I just talked to my mom about it and she was like you can’t… not in a mean way, but she was like you can’t mourn over it and be sad you have to get through it,” Sunshine says.

That conversation sparked an idea.

“I’m just going to write her name on {my shoes} that way she is always with me and I always have that thought and memory of her,” Sunshine says.

“That was her way of grieving and her way of showing her love and support,” says her mother Charity McCrae.

The way sunshine plays she won’t be able to wear those shoes forever, but to her the soles may fade but the memory never ends.

“Definitely keep them,” Sunshine says.  “I’ll probably write on my new ones just so she’s still always with me. It’ll be like a memory forever.”




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