State lawmakers work to redraw congressional district map

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Last month, the state Supreme Court told lawmakers that Friday, Feb. 9 was the last day they had to submit their deadline.

In January, Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court ruled the current congressional map, drawn in 2011, was unconstitutional. The ruling said the map gives an unfair advantage to Republicans and needed to be thrown out.

Suzanee Almeida is the executive director of the League of Women Voters in Pennsylvania, the organization behind the lawsuit. “Everyone has had plenty of time to do the work that they need, and quite frankly, it doesn’t take that long to draw a map. What takes long is the political maneuvering,” Almeida said.

Right now, she remains only cautiously optimistic that a redrawn map will be submitted Friday.

“The maps have to be fair. We’re not looking just to move a couple lines. We’re looking to have a fair, representative map,” Almeida said.

Lawmakers haven’t been in session since Tuesday, and the Capitol was shut down on Wednesday due to weather. Gov. Tom Wolf in a statement said, “It remains unclear, at this time, if the entire General Assembly will be engaged in such a bipartisan process. If not, I will evaluate what options are at my disposal to ensure Pennsylvanians get the fair map they deserve under our constitution.”

Once Wolf receives the replacement map, he has until Feb. 15 to approve it. If he doesn’t, the Supreme Court will bring someone in to get it done. They do say to expect a new map by Feb. 19.

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