Need a raise? We have tips

The economy is booming, but maybe your paycheck is not.

Corporations are getting tax breaks and employers are adding jobs – so this may be your chance to broker a raise.

“With what’s going on with the taxes right now, It’s a better time to get a raise,” said Sue Pera, the owner of Cornerstone Coffeehouse in Camp Hill.

Here’s what you should know before negotiating. Tip number one: earn it. Your boss will tell you that need is not a reason.

“None of us deserve raises based on age, based on lifestyle circumstance, a new baby,” said Anne Deeter Gallaher, owner of Deeter Gallaher Group.

Instead, let go of status quo.

“Work harder. Work smarter. Come to me with ideas.” Pera said.

Second tip: do your homework. List all of your accomplishments. It’s all about your performance and dedication.

“Maybe you went above and beyond in your position and your role to help the company advance, succeed and be successful,” said Patricia Husic, president and CEO of Centric Bank.

Tip three: salary search. Compare your position to those in other companies. Websites like Glassdoor can help. Enter into negotiations with an exact figure in mind.

“I looked at what other people were making and what I thought I deserved, and I asked for it and they gave it to me,” said Nicole Miller, manager of Cornerstone Coffeehouse.

Tip four: know your worth.

“You have to understand your value and pitch that, not assuming that every boss had already picked up on all your talents and your capabilities. So really, you have to be your own personal public relations agent,” Deeter Gallaher said.

Fifth tip: research your company. Timing is everything.

“There are seasons with every organization,” said Marcia Perry, owner of Perry Media Group. “When you are going to negotiate for a raise, you need to be prepared for your company’s budget season and be prepared for that timing.”

Tip six: consider other incentives. Maybe the money is not there, but something else is on the table, like a free gym membership or flexible work hours.

“We try to be creative when it comes to compensation. Perhaps you can’t get a raise, but you can get some additional time off,” said Christy Pavlakovich, a human resources manager for Centric Bank.

If none of that works, go to tip seven: contemplate a career change. Look for higher paying jobs or an entirely different career path.

HACC shares its most popular programs.

“Welding, electrical, engineering, even mechatronics are really hot areas,” said Ricole Jayman, Associate Dean of Student Success.

PA CareerLink can help, from retooling a resume to additional skills.

“Whether it’s actual training in a different profession or increased training to help you ask for a raise and get a promotion in the field you are currently working in,” said Eileen Cipriani, Deputy Secretary for Workforce Development at the state Department of Labor and Industry.


HACC Programs and Courses

PA CareerLink

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