Eagles fans permanently honor Super Bowl LII win

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Some Philadelphia Eagles fans are so excited about the team’s Super Bowl victory that they’re getting permanent reminders of the big win.

In Mechanicsburg, 717 Tattoo has been a destination for Eagles fans since Sunday.

Kelly Ross says she has been waiting since 1993 for an Eagles Super Bowl win. To mark the victory, she got “LII” tattooed on her rib cage.

“It was an emotional win and when they won, I started crying. I was so happy and I had never seen an atmosphere like Philadelphia that night,” Ross said.

Luke Rosina, a sophomore at Messiah College, is also a lifelong fan.

“My dad has been a season ticket holder since back at the Vet when I didn’t need a ticket. I would come and sit on his lap,” he said.

Rosina says he wanted an Eagles tattoo that fit his personality.

“I really don’t have the personality to wear a tattoo on my arms and stuff, but I do have the personality to have one on my butt,” he said.


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