Should tickets be given when street cleaning is suspended?

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Susie Stum works in Harrisburg and recently received a $30 parking ticket for street cleaning on Capital Street.

“As I walked back after I had my ticket, I thought there is no street cleaning. The streets were pretty dirty along the edge, so I did make some phone calls,” Stum said.

Stum found that Capital Region Water is responsible for street cleaning in Harrisburg. It contracts that service with DBI Services which notified the city all street cleaning would be suspended between Dec. 23 and Feb. 5 due to weather.

“When you know the street cleaning is not happening, why would you even want to ethically ticket somebody for that reason? I just think that is wrong,” said Stum.

A city ordinance allows Harrisburg to use designated street cleaning time to do other maintenance work, like snow removal.

The ABC27 Investigators reached out to other municipalities to see how they handle street cleaning tickets. Lebanon, Chambersburg, and York issue tickets only when street cleaning is happening. Carlisle, Gettysburg, and Lancaster ticket no matter what and, like Harrisburg, may use that time to do other maintenance work.

However, Lancaster recently voided more than 730 street cleaning tickets in what it called a “once in a lifetime decision” because street cleaning had been suspended due to weather. Those fines totaled $18,300.

The ABC27 Investigators contacted Park Harrisburg to see how many tickets have been written while street cleaning has been suspended.

“I would love to know that because it just seems like it’s a money maker,” Stum said.

Harrisburg Park spokesman John Gass said “those numbers are not relevant.”

The ABC27 Investigators have filed several right-to-know requests to find out how many tickets have been written and to see if any other maintenance work was done while street cleaning was suspended.

The city says it’s been clear that all posted parking signs will be enforced. If you don’t obey those signs you could be ticketed or even towed.

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