The killing spree that started with a gerbil

In late January 1995, 24-year-old Mark Spotz shot and killed his brother during an argument at his mother’s home in Clearfield County. It sparked a 48-hour trail of carjackings and abductions that ended in the Midstate. Three innocent women were killed.

Former North Middleton Township police detective John Sancenito joins ABC27 investigators Dennis Owens and Kendra Nichols in this week’s episode of “On Deadline” to talk about his involvement in the case and his upcoming book on the killing spree.

The ABC27 Investigators also discuss the death of Fred Ramos. The 48-year-old Adams County man was found in his car slumped over the wheel at Omalley Wood Products in Gardners over a year and a half ago. Ramos died from blunt force injuries to the head. The manner of death remains undetermined. Ramos’s family believes he was murdered and state police mishandled the investigation. Anyone with information should call state police in Gettysburg at 717-334-8111.

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Below are links and references from this week’s episode:

Former detective reflects on 20-year-old murder spree

The death of Fred Ramos: Murder or accident?


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