The importance of telling your kids ‘I love you’

Valentine’s Day is all about love, and everywhere we look, there are signs of Cupid’s holiday.

Stores are stocked with cards, balloons, chocolates and candy. It is very sweet for children to be loved.

“When families love each other, it’s a happier environment. It’s a less hostile and very supportive environment,” said psychotherapist Amanda Levison, of Neurofeedback and Counseling Center of Pennsylvania.

Levison says like food and water, love is nourishment that feeds the soul and helps families thrive, especially children. They need to know they are loved by their parents. They need to hear it, see it, and feel it to become healthy adults.

“They’re typically very caring and more successful because they are able to really show communication through work, through relationships with friendships, and with a spouse. It was modeled for them growing up,” Levison said.

When kids don’t feel or hear those three simple words, I love you, Levison says it can have a negative effect later in life. They may struggle in relationships and may be too scared to progress things, and the relationship may stay stagnant.

Although some parents show their love by showering the kids with gifts, Levison says none of that is truly necessary. Being present in your child’s life by helping with homework and attending sporting events and other activities speaks volumes.

“Even the family dinner, sitting down, talking to them, engaging with them, that quality time with them shows you are interested in their life, and children know that,” Levison said.

Levison reminds us love is just a word and that it’s really about our actions. Parents need to support their children and be there for each other to truly show love.

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