Organizers consider changes to York Fair

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) — More than a half million people come out to the York Fair each year. Now organizers are considering some changes to keep people coming for years to come.

The York Fair is America’s oldest fair, first started in 1765. Michael Froehlich, CEO of the York Fair and York Expo Center, says it’s time for some changes.

“One of the suggestions was actually moving the fair date,” Froehlich said.

“Years ago, the fair was actually held in October, and it moved to September. Now there’s a lot of thought about possibly moving it into the summer months to take advantage of school being off, college is off,” said Froehlich.

York resident Robert Seale likes that idea.  “You can get more people in and get more kids in during the summer break,” Seale said.

Another idea being considered is increasing the exhibition area.

“The study is actually telling us that we probably need an additional 40 to 50,000 square feet of exhibit space,” said Froehlich. “That’s to maintain our current events. Our promoters are wanting more and more events because once they come here, they actually increase their events.”

Organizers are also looking into expanding the Utz Arena.

“We might be looking at $40 or $50 million dollars worth of capital improvements that will be needed for us to be viable and competitive with other convention and trade show centers in our region,” Froehlich said.

Another big change is having the fairgrounds run by the government instead of a non-profit organization. The final decisions should be voted on in about a year.


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