Harrisburg man wants to change perception of Allison Hill

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Beau Brown has 18 years of commercial real estate experience covering 28 counties in Pennsylvania.

Brown has formed the group Friends of Allison Hill. He says he wants to follow a similar path of Friends of Midtown.

“Midtown was much different 15 years ago,” Brown said. “People believed in change and they celebrated small wins and big wins.”

Brown is still working on how Friends of Allison will be structured. He is not sure if it will be a nonprofit. His goal is to make the community more attractive across the board.

He scoffs at the notion that some concerns including crime can’t be addressed.

“People are tired of the negativity,” Brown said. “I believe under the right conditions, Allison Hill could be turned around in 10 years.”

Brown says they want to support local small businesses in Allison Hill and attract larger companies that will hire people who live in Allison Hill.

He says the group is still developing a website, but people can visit Friends of Allison Hill on Facebook.

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