Restaurant Report: Expired food, contaminated ice

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Pennsylvania’s Department of Agriculture found contaminated ice, mold, and expired food in the latest round of restaurant inspections.

Lee’s Diner on Market Street in York was out of compliance for the 12th time in a year, this time with 19 violations. The inspection report says black residue contaminated ice used to chill raw chicken. Gallon bottles of bleach and sanitizer were stored with food. There was dried food residue in the milkshake mixer, and there was heavy grease splatter directly over the food prep area.

University Lounge and Grille on King Street in Shippensburg was out of compliance with 11 violations. The inspection report says management does not have adequate control of food safety. There was heavy black grease residue directly over the food prep area. Milk, creamer, sour cream, cut fruits, and coleslaw had to be thrown out because they were stored at too warm of a temperature, and there was white, mold-like residue inside the beer walk-in cooler.

Manor Buffet on Lincoln Highway East in Lancaster was out of compliance with eight violations. The inspection report says the person in charge is not actively managing food safety. Raw chicken, pork, and fish were stored in a way that risked contamination. Expired stuffing had to be thrown out, and there was black, moist residue in the ice machine.

Establishments with no violations include “That Salad Place” in Middletown, Eastern Chinese Restaurant in Shermans Dale, Lebanon American Legion, and Jigsy’s Pizza in Enola.

ABC27 has been getting a lot of questions about how some restaurants can stay open with so many violations, and how the Department of Agriculture makes its decisions. We’re working on getting answers for you, and we’ll let you know what we find out.


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