Health care workers in Lebanon County continue to strike, contract negotiations stall

LEBANON, Pa. (WHTM) — More than 300 employees at the Cedar Haven Health Center in Lebanon County walked off the job last October and haven’t returned because of a contract dispute.

Jody Yeingst is on the of the employees on strike. She says contract talks have not progressed.

“Our negotiations have not gone well,” said Yeingst. “Our last meeting took 15 minutes, and then the other side decided to take a break, and they never came back to the table.”

Yeingst says they are not getting an attractive contract offer. “They want to increase our healthcare costs,” said Yeingst, “We had no holidays and they want to take much of our sick time and bucket it all together, and those who had been there 30 years, they were getting 10 days, including sick and bereavement.”

Yeingst says some union members are getting unemployment, because Cedar Haven implemented the contract that the union voted down. “We are not sure what is next,” said Yeingst, “There is a chance that this could end up back in court in a few months.”

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