Uphill both ways: Behind the scenes of school delays and closings

It doesn’t get more real than the excitement (or dread) of a snow day. So how do school districts make delay and closing decisions that affect thousands of people, all while weighing safety, family life, and common sense?

If you’ve ever asked, “Why on Earth did they close school today?” or wondered why it feels like there are more snow days now than when you were a kid, then this is the podcast episode for you.

Amanda St. Hilaire and Dennis Owens talk to Cumberland Valley School District Superintendent Dr. Frederick Withum and ABC27 meteorologist Dan Tomaso about how the process works behind the scenes, how forecasting and closing decisions have changed over the years, and how cold it has to be to cancel school due to temperature.

Meteorologist Dan Tomaso also talks about this season’s weather trends and weighs in on the outlook for the rest of winter in Central Pennsylvania.

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