PupSocks customers still wait for holiday gifts

It’s now almost a month after Christmas, and some people are still waiting for their gifts to arrive.

One company facing complaints is PupSocks, a startup selling socks with a photo of your puppy, dog, or cat on them.

PupSocks were one of the hottest gifts of the holiday season, after a barrage of Facebook ads and a mid-December shoutout by Joy Behar on ABC’s show “The View.”

What could be a better gift for a pet lover?

Unfortunately,  Facebook groups and compliant boards are filling with complaints of socks never arriving.

Customers still waiting for holiday orders

Cavelle Rogers never received his gifts. “I placed an order and uploaded a picture and waited and waited,” he said.

KT Long called us in late December, still waiting for “6 custom pairs for 6 different family members as Christmas presents.”

The idea behind this company is absolutely brilliant. You take a picture of your favorite pet and upload it to them.

Then they will print it to a pair of socks, or even a necktie.

But it appears the Atlanta-based startup was unprepared for the tsunami of orders that came in, especially after millions of women heard about them on “The View.”

Cavelle Rogers is now documenting the complaints posted on several Facebook groups, coming from customers from Florida to California.  “So far since we started the spreadsheet we have 119 complaints,” he said.

Some who received socks are complaining about poor quality. “The picture is really dark you can’t even see the dogs face,” he said.

In another case, someone received socks covered in pictures of someone else’s pet.

“This is a picture of someone’s dog that they sent,” he said, “and when they placed the order they received a cat.”

Company apologizes for delays

We emailed PupSocks (their voice mail directs customers to email them), which apologized for the late orders by saying  “Christmas season has been busy.”  But it says “KT Long’s order has now been delivered, ” and it is now rushing to fill all orders.

Cavelle Rogers, though, says he’ll be happy when he gets his socks, and the complaints stop piling up.

The bottom line: PupSocks is a legitimate business, but appears to be a business that just couldn’t handle the 2017 holiday rush

Hopefully, they will fix it for next year, so you don’t waste your money.


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