Sinkhole opens at familiar spot in Ephrata

EPHRATA, Pa. (WHTM) –  Jack Farnquist was forced out of his apartment the last time a sinkhole opened on West Pine Street in Ephrata.

“That’s the reason why I moved out of there because of the sinkhole and the possibility of something happening again,” he said.

His fear came true, but no one has been forced to leave their apartment this time.

William Harvey, the borough’s emergency manager, said a new sinkhole started Dec. 15. That’s when Harvey said a water main burst, but because of the weather, crews could not locate the source of the problem or fix it until Thursday.

Crews found the hole, which is estimated to be about 20 feet deep.

“A cease order has taken place,” Harvey said. “Geologists and engineers have been called in.”

Harvey said the borough is still waiting for their recommendations.

Only a portion of West Pine Street is blocked off by a fence and no there are no water disruptions right now.

“Throughout Central PA, with the limestone geology, sinkholes are very commonplace,” Harvey said. “It’s something we constantly have to review, which they are doing.”

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