Lawmaker says his bill would protect worker tips

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A Pennsylvania lawmaker says he’s introduced legislation to protect tips earned by wait staff, bartenders, and other workers.

Rep. Dom Costa (D-Allegheny) said his proposal, House Bill 2003, would ensure tips go to the intended employee and not used in other ways.

Costa said a regulation change under review by the U.S. Department of Labor would allow employers to take control of gratuities and distribute them as they see fit. He said tips could be pooled and distributed to employees who have no contact with guests, and may be used for other expenses such as structural improvements to the place of business.

“Tipped wage workers work extremely hard and for long hours to earn their gratuities,” Costa said in a statement. “Employers should not be allowed to use tips to cover their costs for operation.”

Costa also said that increased credit card use will continue to impact tips. He said the law should be revised so technology is not used as a way to short the gratuity.

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