Author Spotlight: April O’Connell’s “Curl Up and Die”

Hairstylist, Rachel Perry has a great job at a salon in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She has a successful book of customers and a flirty best friend and coworker, Valerie Meadows. She has everything a girl could want, until Rachel is thrown into a murderous mystery that has her running for her life.

After hearing that her beloved friend Dolores has been killed in an auto accident, and her roommate Angela is brutally murdered in their apartment, she becomes the ward of FBI Agent Gordon Ryan. Rachel is the connection to both homicides.

Gordon Ryan struggles to stay one step ahead of the murderer, keep Rachel alive and staying clear of his ex-girlfriend, Officer Michelle Kinsey.

Their journey takes them from Lancaster to Harrisburg, and anywhere else that they can travel to not be the next victims to curl up and die. —Synopsis of Curl Up and Die by April O’Connell.

We’ll learn more about April and the inspiration behind her writing career.


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