Harrisburg native volunteers time to help kids cope with anger, make better decisions

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Harrisburg school teachers, board members, and administrators held a meeting in late 2017 to discuss violence in classrooms. They agreed to form a task force to address some of the concerns and find solutions to the problems.

Dr. Kevin Dolphin leads a grassroots effort called Breaking The Chainz. Dolphin and several volunteers go into Harrisburg schools and work with children of all ages.

“We focus on a lot of issues including anger management skills,” said Dolphin. “We go over the importance of good decision making.”

Dolphin said he sees what takes place in the schools, and it is not something that can be fixed overnight.

“There are times when students need to be reminded that teachers are there to help them,” he said, “and there are times that teachers don’t understand that there are issues that kids are dealing with that has an impact on their behavior at school.”

Dolphin said some children see and experience daily traumatic experiences including poverty and abuse that has a long-term impact on their behavior and outlook.

“Those children grow and have children of their own, and they pass down their negative experiences and not realize what they are doing because they consider it the norm,” he said.

Dolphin said he looks forward to working with children between the ages of 6 and 18, and he hopes to open up a facility that can focus on helping people of all ages manage their traumatic experiences.

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