Ephrata students stay home after rumors on social media

EPHRATA, Pa. (WHTM) – About 400 students were not at Ephrata High School on Wednesday after rumors of threats were spread on social media.

The district said in a statement that the rumors started after an assembly that was held in October. Superintendent Brian Troop told ABC27 News the assembly was about bullying and involved a girl killed in the Columbine school shooting.

The statement said after the assembly, a group of students was overheard talking about the shooting, but no threat was made.

Administrators said they continue to monitor the situation. They said rumors started to surface on social media that something would happen at the high school on Wednesday.

A district spokeswoman said nearly a fourth of the students were not in school.

Amy Wolf said she kept her 10th-grade son at home.

“Whether it was a rumor or not, it’s not something to joke about,” she said. “In my mind, it was very scary and in no way is any kid going to school.”

Ephrata police said they don’t believe there was any ever credible threat or danger to students. However, there were increased patrols at the school.

Mandy Parmer sent her ninth-grade son to school.

“At this point, I wish social media didn’t exist,” she said. “Things get blown out of proportion.”

Police said they’re still investigating and charges are possible.

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