Pennsylvania says social security glitch fixed; people still have issues

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The Department of Human Services says a glitch that kicked 22,000 Pennsylvanians out of the state’s Medicare buy-in program is fixed.

The department says a systems error last month caused about 22,000 Pennsylvanians to be incorrectly disenrolled from the Medicare program starting Dec. 1. It says the error has not impacted anyone’s health care coverage, but people received less money in their December social security checks.

However, we spoke with people who still have not received their checks or their entire refund. One gentleman from Harrisburg says the glitch impacted his January social security check.

Human Services released the following statement:

“The department is committed to ensuring all eligible individuals receive their benefits. If an individual feels there has been an error or if they have specific questions about their Medicare Buy-In eligibility, we urge them to call the customer service center at 877-395-8930.

By the 15th of each month, the department processes and sends a file from the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) to alert the Social Security Administration (SSA) of individuals who have been enrolled or dis-enrolled in Medicare Part-B for the following month. The file that was processed on November 15th had a glitch that incorrectly dis-enrolled individuals for the month of December.

By working closely with CMS and SSA, the department was able to quickly remedy this issue and a corrected file was sent to SSA and CMS by December 15th. SSA issued all impacted individuals a reimbursement of the deducted amount.

Due to the glitch, the department reviewed the December file and is confident that no individuals were negatively impacted during the month of January.

For background, each month the department dis-enrolls approximately 5,000 individuals across the commonwealth due to a change in eligibility. Examples of these are income changes or/and individuals not submitting their renewal application.”

The department did not clarify why people are still having issues.

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