Susquehanna Township asks parents to verify student addresses

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The Susquehanna Township School District is asking parents to verify their child’s addresses.

In a statement, the district said the measure “aligns with the district’s strategic plan to ensure that it appropriately allocates taxpayer resources and provides programming to students that legally reside within the township.”

Parents or guardians must go to the district offices with proof of residency, like a mortgage or lease agreement.

“It didn’t seem like I was really being verified of anything. They just gave a quick look and said okay, I’m done and sorry for the inconvenience,” said Duane Zimmerman, a parent.

The district spends $12,000 per student for educational services. It says students who do not reside in the township are being educated at the same cost per student as students who reside in the district, which reduces services and programming for township residents.

“This process is not intended to place unnecessary burden on our families. Residency verification is needed to ensure that we are fiscally-responsible caretakers of taxpayer dollars,” superintendent Dr. Tamara Willis said.

The district declined to comment on how many students lived in the district illegally or what will happen to those students or a parent who doesn’t verify a child’s address.

“I don’t know of any students living in the district, personally, that shouldn’t be here,” Zimmerman said.

The residency re-verification goes until Jan. 20.

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