Harrisburg police want more women officers serving the city

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The Harrisburg Police Department has 141 officers working for the city. Captain Gabriel Olivera says they are trying to create a more
diverse police force. “We have a recruitment video campaign,” said Olivera, “The video includes many of our female officers, as we try and
attract more women to the department.”

The city has 17 female officers, and Olivera says attracting female candidates has become a bigger challenge. The negative attention police have
gotten in the medial has made recruiting in general, more difficult,” said Olivera, “These days you have a lot of law enforcement agencies recruiting from
an even smaller pool of female candidates.”

Officer Adrienne Monroy has been with the City of Harrisburg for two years. She says women bring value to the department. “I think women have a unique
skillset,” said Monroy, “But men and women officer bring equal value that benefits the community.”

Anyone who is interested in becoming a police officer with the City of Harrisburg, should contact the Police Department for testing information.

Check out the Harrisburg Police Department’s recruitment video here:

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