Blood bank facing shortage, giving gifts for donations

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — For the month of January, the Central Pennsylvania Blood Bank is giving to donors.

“It’s a bonus. Don’t get me wrong, everybody loves an incentive, but I’m here because I know it can help to save people’s lives,” said Donna Templeton.

Donors received tickets to a comedy show, the auto show, and a T-shirt. The blood bank uses the gifts as an incentive to get more people to donate.

“We just got through the holidays, which means we collected a lot less blood than we normally do. And then with the winter weather hitting us, that’s a double whammy. We lost a bunch of blood drives,” Kathy Oday said. “So the more we can bring out to try to entice people, the better off we are.”

Patients at area hospitals use 275 to 300 units of blood every day. One blood donation can save three lives.

For more information on when or where you can donate blood, click here.


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