Brutal combination of strong winds and more cold air tonight

The snow from the Nor’easter locally has ended as the storm heads northeast, leaving behind about an inch of snow for some (especially eastern areas). The biggest impact as the storm exits is the strong, relentless winds from the northwest. Today’s high temperatures will be in the lower 20s with more cold arriving with the strong winds. Wind speeds over 25 mph will be sustained later today through Friday, meaning that it feel the single digits or near 0 throughout the afternoon and evening. Wind chills of -10 to -20 are likely tonight and tomorrow morning, so take the proper precautions.

The weekend will bring more potential for record cold as more polar air spills southward. Both Saturday and Sunday morning will feature low temperatures near 0 degrees. It is going to get worse before it gets better as the saying goes.

By early next week, another storm looks to pull in some warmer air and bring a wintry mix by the second half of Monday into Tuesday. We will track it for you and keep you posted. In the meantime, stay warm during these frigid days (and nights) ahead! Beyond the wintry weather for early next week, the pattern may give way to some more cold air, but at this point we do not see it lasting as long as the current frigid period of weather.

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