Artists spend hours in the “butter booth” to create 1,000-pound sculpture

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Artists spent hours in the “butter booth” to create the 1,000-pound sculpture awaiting visitors to the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

It’s enough butter to spread onto 96,000 pancakes, but if you don’t get hungry by looking at it, you may at least be in awe of the artistry behind it.

A two-person team, Marie Pelton and Jim Victor, have been working on farm show butter sculptures together for 17 years.

“It’s long days, definitely, but we tried to limit it to eight hours a day. It’s basically a marathon, not a sprint,” Pelton said.

This year, the duo had to tackle the theme of “Strength in Our Diversity.” Their work shows the components of how butter goes from farm to table. The sculpture features a dairy cow, dairy farmer, milk-processor worker and, of course, the dairy consumer. There’s also an agronomist, the person whose job it is to to make the seed into the corn that feeds dairy cows.

It took about 12 days to create the sculpture inside what the artists call the “butter booth.”

“We wear clothes that you can basically burn afterwards. We have what we call our butter clothes, butter shoes and latex gloves,” Pelton said.

They say it’s all worth it to create a “butter-ful” work of art.

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