5 tips for dealing with extreme cold

Extremely cold weather can send people to hospitals and leave others with frozen pipes or dead car batteries.

How do you make sure you’re safe? Here are five tips:

Keep your thermostat at a constant temperature

Experts at Constellation Home said it’s important to stay comfortable inside your home when the temperatures drop. They suggest keeping your thermostat set at a steady temperature so it doesn’t overwork.

Keeping homes at a constant warm temperature should also help keep pipes warm.

Add insulation to outdoor pipes and open cabinet doors for pipes inside

Opening doors should allow more heat to flow to pipes that come sometimes be hidden from the heat.

Stay hydrated

Doctors at Penn Medicine’s Lancaster General Health are already seeing more people because of the dangerously cold temperatures.

Dr. Richard Grunden suggested that people wear multiple layers who have to go outside. He also said the cold, dryer air can make people sick.

“Some people have in their homes humidifiers, and it’s a good time to consider using them,” Grunden advised.

Have an emergency kit

Emergency officials said it’s easy to have power outages when temperatures drop. It’s advised that you keep water, food, and medications in an emergency kit.

Keep an eye on your car’s battery

Mechanics at CW Wissler in Mount Joy said it’s a good idea to have your battery checked when it gets cold.

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