Emergency workers stress checking on elderly during cold spell

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Emergency services personnel are reminding people to check in on elderly relatives during this current cold spell.

“Its always a good idea for a family member to go over and check,” said Matthew Baily, Chief of Susquehanna Township EMS. “Often times, we find our elderly generation is looking to stay independent, so they may not give a true representation of what is going on in the house.”

Baily says you should check to see if the elderly person’s heating system is working, determine if the person has an adequate food supply and medications.

“For the diabetics, the cold can really increase how those conditions affect someone,” said Baily. “They could have a drop in blood sugar and be stuck sitting in the same position for an extended period. If the heat is too low, and they are not dressed properly, they can even experience hypothermia inside the home.”

Every county has an Agency on Aging, which may be able to provide resources for elderly people, and provide a hotline for reporting cases of elder abuse and neglect. Links to each county’s agency is listed below:

Adams County

Cumberland County

Dauphin County

Franklin County

Juniata County

Lancaster County

Lebanon County

Mifflin County

Perry County

York County

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