Cold leads to mold growth in some homes

MOUNT JOY, Pa. (WHTM) – The cold weather is leading to an unexpected health hazard growing in some homes in the midstate.

ABC 27 News found mold in a home on a window sill in Lancaster County.

Ken Kowalski, an Operations Manager at JB Hostetters, a hardware store outside of Mount Joy, said the problem occurs when cold, dry air meets warm, damp air.

“The same thing happens in the summer time with a glass of cold water,” he said. “You’re going to get mositure forming on the outside, the warm side of that glass. Same thing happens in the winter time. You have warmer more humid air, compared to the cold outside air. If you have windows where air is leaking through you’re going to have mositure leaking through.”

He said it’s a problem that happens commonly with old, single-pane, drafty windows.

Kowalski suggested that the problem can occur in every room inside a house.

“Things like when you shower, cooking with steaming, breathing add moisture to the inside air and make it more humid than the outside air,” he said.

Kowalski said the best defense against mold on a window is replacing the window.

However, he said a cheaper alternative involves putting a plastic film on the window. He said a ceiling fan can also help by keeping the air moving.

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