Tips from WellSpan Health to avoid winter injuries

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – The winter can mean cold, snow, and sometimes injuries. Orthopedic doctors at WellSpan Health say they often see the most injuries from accidents and winter sports this time of the year.

With snowy roads can come injuries from cleaning up what mother nature leaves behind.

“We see a lot of hand and finger injuries from using snow blowers,” said. Dr. Judith Kopinski, an orthopedic surgeon at WellSpan Health.

Kopinski says make sure to not put your hands near the moving parts of it.

Dress in layers, but don’t bundle up so much that you’re constricted.

“Before going out in the cold weather, I think it’s really important to do some stretching. We are going to be using muscles that on a normal day-to-day basis you’re not using. You really need to stretch them out for a longer duration in the warm weather before you stress them in the cold weather,” Kopinski said.

Kopinski sees a lot of wrist and knee injuries from people hitting the slopes. Take a lesson if you’re a beginner, and go slow to begin with.

Shoveling can cause a lot of lower back injuries. Bend from your knees while shoveling, shovel smaller amounts of snow, and take frequent breaks.


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