Travelers heading home for holidays expected to break records

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Americans are expected to travel in record numbers during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

AAA predicts 107.3 million people will be away from home between Dec. 23 and Jan. 1 and more than 97 million will be on the roads.

In Pennsylvania, the Turnpike Commission projected six million drivers will travel the toll highway during the holiday week. Most of the traffic is expected to be spread out, but many travelers – about 650,000 vehicles – were expected on the turnpike on Friday.

“With Christmas on a Monday, the traffic volume will be really high the next few days,” state police spokesman Trooper Brent Miller said. “Pennsylvania has a lot of major interstates including the turnpike, so naturally, that leads to a lot of congestion and a lot of travelers on the road.”

Police are reminding drivers to be patient, limit their distractions, buckle up, and remember to not drink and drive.

For people heading home by plane, Harrisburg International Airport is expected to be slowest on Christmas and New Years Day.

“Years ago, planes were 50 percent full. When Christmas rolled around, planes were 90 percent full. Today, the way planes are, they’re 90 percent full all the time, so airports don’t see this major rush at the airports like you did a decade ago,” airport spokesman Scott Miller said.

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