Police warn of driveway paving scam targeting seniors

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – Police in York County have a warning if you’re a senior or know someone who is. Scammers are making the rounds specifically targeting seniors in a driveway paving scam.

The Lower Windsor Township Police Department has a gorgeous view from its building, but what’s not so pretty is what’s happening to some seniors in the county.

“It is downright disgusting,” Chief Tim Caldwell said.

Caldwell is appalled at what’s happened to some senior citizens. The scam has cost some of them hundreds or thousands of dollars.

“It is extremely upsetting,” he said. “These are the people who have worked very hard all their lives to get the things that they have, and most of them are living probably on a fixed income.”

York Area Regional Police report a rash of incidents where seniors were pressured to have driveways paved then told they owed more money when the job was done.

“We have also dealt with some driveway sealing scams,” Caldwell said.

Police say you can do three things to avoid becoming a victim.

“My recommendation would be to obtain all the information from the business person. Once you have obtained all the information, then either get a relative or someone else or you go online and check out and verify who these people are,” Caldwell said.

Also, watch out for salespeople who are extra pushy and travel in groups so you don’t lose big bucks this holiday season.

“Are they not going to eat? Are they not going to pay their heat bill? Are they not going to put gas in their car? Are they not going to be able to visit their family over the holiday because they can’t afford to do it, or they’re too embarrassed to admit somebody took advantage of them,” Caldwell said.

Police say to give them a call if someone asks for more money at the end of a job. Police departments in West Manchester Township, Fairview Township, and the Northern York County Regional Police Department have all had similar scams in the past.


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