Nearly 400,000 people enroll in ACA health plans; numbers down slightly from last year

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Nearly 400,000 people in Pennsylvania selected a health plan through the Affordable Care Act this year.

Acting Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman said 396,725 people selected a plan on That’s down slightly from last year’s total of 426,000.

The Trump administration shortened the enrollment period from 90 to 45 days. It also cut the program’s advertising budget.

In response, the state’s Insurance Department launched several outreach programs including a media campaign and an online plan comparison tool.

Altman said that while she is happy with enrollment numbers, she still has concerns.

“I’m still concerned about the people who have not enrolled, either because they didn’t know about the shortened deadline or because of the confusion surrounding efforts in Congress to eliminate the individual mandate or otherwise change the ACA,” Altman said.

This week, the Republican-controlled Congress passed a federal tax plan that removes the mandate requiring everyone to have insurance or pay a fine.

Insurance companies said the move will cause premiums to go up.

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