Makeup hygiene: What you should know

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Many cosmetic stores carry sample items, or products with a “test me” sticker on them. And while that may tempt you to test the product, you need to be aware of the bacteria that may be on them.

Naomi Dooyema says when it comes to testing makeup, hygiene is a priority.

“I look at it and I’m like, I don’t really want to touch it because I don’t know who else has been there,” Dooyema said.

Which is why you should always have a beauty expert help you apply in-store samples.

“Definitely hygiene comes into play first. We want our clients to be safe. We want us to keep germ-free, too, especially in this season,” said Alyssa Corsbie, manager of Bare Minerals.

You should always avoid double dipping when it comes to testing makeup samples by using disposable products and disposing of them after usage.

Corsbie says some customers touch the samples without realizing that they may be spreading germs.

“Accidents happen. People apply to their face. We throw those immediately. Germs, bacteria, dead skin cells, you don’t know what somebody else has. So, just overall health is important,” Corsbie said.

All employees must wear a brush belt with a protective cover so the brushes don’t pick up any bacteria and washed immediately after being used on a client.

“We either grab our quick change or 70-proof alcohol and, depending on the brush hair, cleanse them through on a paper towel, stick them back in our satchel, and cover them back up,” Corsbie said.

Quick change, an alcohol-based cleanser, is used between clients during the day, and a conditioning shampoo is used on every brush every night to avoid missing any bacteria.

“We do that nightly here. We recommend our clients doing it every other week if they can, just to keep their brushes safe and their skin healthy,” Corsbie said.

Corsbie also recommends that before sharing any of your own beauty products with friends, the proper hygiene procedures are taken to avoid infection or breakouts.

Bare Minerals has a detailed list on how to keep your makeup products clean on its website.

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