Weightlifting helps local trainer overcome stroke

Enola’s Nathan Knaub started lifting weights to get better at high school and college football.  After his football career ended at Lock Haven, lifting became his sport.

Nathan started bodybuilding as a way to scratch his competitive itch. One day after a workout, he was lying on the floor to stretch. Suddenly, he couldn’t get up. He was experiencing a stroke at the age of 23.

Doctor’s would later find he had a blot clotting condition. He’d stay in the hospital for four weeks, undergo a craniotomy and a medically induced coma. When he woke up, he could talk, but the left side of his body wasn’t the same. The rehab process was brutal, but Nathan’s weightlifting background helped.

He’s gradually gained back function on his left side and now just has a minor limp and fine motor skill limitations. In 2015, he became a trainer at Planet Fitness.

He now has a list of clients with disabilities.  He says he can relate to them because he’s been and still is in their shoes. It’s now been 10 years since his stroke. Nathan says seeing his clients improve is what makes him happy and why he comes to work.

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